FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Epi-Care work?

In general, Epi-Care products have a sensor that detects movement. It can distinguish normal movements from movements that are characteristic of tonic-clonic epileptic seizures. When a seizure is registered, carers are alerted by sound and light signals of the base unit or by an alarm forwarded to pagers, installed call systems or phones.

There are different Epi-Care products. When using the Epi-Care 3000 bed alarm, the sensor is placed under the mattress of the bed, in Epi-Care free and Epi-Care mobile the sensor is attached to a wristband and worn like a watch.

For more information, read the product pages of each device on our website or watch our videos.


What seizures can Epi-Care devices detect?

Epi-Care products register characteristic movements and can therefore recognize tonic-clonic epileptic seizures, also called grand mal.

What are tonic-clonic seizures? Read more about it in our blog article.


How do the Epi-Care products differ?

We have three Epi-Care epilepsy alarms. Epi-Care 3000 is a bed sensor that can recognise tonic-clonic seizures during sleep. It is particularly suitable for smaller children, as it even recognizes weaker seizures. Epi-Care free is an epilepsy wristband that is worn when being indoors and can register epileptic seizures at night and during the day. Epi-Care mobile provides even more mobility. The epilepsy wristband is connected to an app on the smartphone and can therefore be used on the go.

| Epi-Care 3000

  • bed alarm

  • from 2 years on

  • at night

  • while sleeping

  • sensor under the mattress + base unit

| Epi-Care free

  • wristband

  • children and adults

  • during the day and at night

  • indoors

  • wristband + base unit

| Epi-Care mobile

  • wristband

  • from 10 years on

  • during the day and at night

  • indoors and outdoors

  • wristband + smartphone with app

Feel free to read the corresponding product pages or contact us or your local distributor for advice.


Are there false alarms?

Epi-Care free and Epi-Care mobile have been clinically tested. The rate of false alarms is low and according to independent scientific studies, the devices detect 90% and 91% of the tonic-clonic seizures.

Read more on false alarms, what triggers them and how to reduce them in our blog article.


How do I finance and install the alarm?

How to finance your device and how it is installed depends on your country and distributor. Contact your local distributor for more information.


What are the possibilities for forwarding the alarm?

For Epi-Care free and Epi-Care 3000 it is possible to use additional material. An alarm can be forwarded from the base unit to a pager, an external call system or through a built-in GSM to a mobile phone.

Pager / external call system: The base unit is connected through the AUX port to a pager or external call system. This is helpful when the built-in audio may not be heard by carers due to the distance. This option is often used when external call systems already exist in care institutions.

GSM: Thanks to the built-in GSM, the device directs alarm calls and SMS to the phone of the carer. No mobile data is needed. This option is useful if built-in audio signals are not heard over long distances and the alarm should be received easily and quick on the mobile phone.

Unsure which is the right solution for you? Contact us or your local distributor for an individual solution.


Is Epi-Care also available in other countries?

Yes, in addition to Denmark, our Epi-Care products are available in 11 other European countries. An overview of the distributors can be found here.


What do the signals mean that my device sends?

A detailed description of the signals and their meanings can be found on the pages in the back of the respective user manuals. Just call us if you have more specific questions, we are always happy to help!


How much does Epi-Care cost?

The prices of the Epi-Care devices vary as they depend among other things on the type of alarm and additional equipment such as GSM to forward calls. Contact us or your local distributor for pricing information.


How long is the warranty period for Epi-Care products?

The Epi-Care devices have a warranty of 2 years. In the case of faulty goods, or goods that don't look or work as advertised, we repair or replace the device free of charge. This does not apply to defects caused by normal use, misuse or improper maintenance.