Epi-Care mobile is a wearable epilepsy alarm connected with an app on a smartphone

Epi-Care mobile is a portable epilepsy alarm that you can bring with you everywhere.
The alarm consists of a sensor placed on the wrist like a watch connected to an app on a smartphone. It ensures that an emergency call will be made to relatives or carers when a seizure occurs. GPS-coordinates of the user during a seizure is forwarded in a text message.

During emergency calls, the phone is automatically put on speaker. This means that the person receiving the call will be able to hear what happens nearby, and communicate with, the affected person. The speaker will only activate during emergency calls, not during ordinary operations.

Epi-Care mobile can be used indoors and outdoors - when the user is awake as well as asleep.

Epi-Care mobile is sold with a smartphone with all software installed. Sim-Card is not included.

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The Epi-Care mobile epilepsy alarm can be used inside or outside of buildings - day and night

Epi-Care mobile use a android smartphone and a wrist-worn sensor to detect tonic-clonic seizures

1: Enter alarm numbers in the app

When a seizure happens, Epi-Care mobile calls the registered number. If no one answers, Epi-Care mobile will call a backup number.

Epi-Care mobile uses a bluetooth transmitter to communicate with the smartphone.

2: The sensor monitors tonic-clonic seizures

The sensor is placed around the wrist, just like a watch. It can distinguish between tonic-clonic epileptic seizures and regular movement.

Epi-Care mobile uses GPS to easily share the position of the seizure.

3: Epi-Care mobile alerts if a seizure occurs

Epi-Care mobile will call the registered number. The alarm will also send GPS-coordinates in a text message.


Epi-Care mobile is one of the most advanced epilepsy alarms in production

Made for smartphones

Epi-Care mobile wristband sensor communicates wirelessly with an Android smartphone. The app can call different numbers in case of a seizure, dependent on your location. E.g. Epi-Care mobile can call one number if you are at your parents’ house and another one if you are at an institution. Epi-Care mobile also sends out the GPS-coordinates, so relatives are able to see where the seizure occurred.

You can put the phone aside as long as there are no more than 10-15 metres (30-50 ft.) between the wristband sensor and the phone.


The app alerts if errors occur

With Epi-Care mobile, safety is a top priority.
The app sends a text message to the caretaker’s phone when the wristband or the phone needs charging. It also sends a text message if the wristband is out of reach. The Epi-Care mobile also provides the user with the opportunity to cancel false alarms.

As with the other Epi-Care epilepsy alarms, Epi-Care mobile has a built-in journal that documents seizures including dates and time. From the app, a list with data of the seizures can be sent via email to relatives and doctors.

Epi-Care mobile can be charged with an ordinary micro-usb cable

Recognises tonic-clonic seizures

Epi-Care free is developed to register and alert in case of tonic-clonic epileptic seizures. The wristband recognises the distinctive movements of a seizure. Epi-Care free does not react to everyday movements, for example when a person eats, reads or sleeps.


The Epi-Care mobile sensor have the same size and weight as a watch

Aware of location

With the function called “locations” in Epi-Care mobile, it is possible to have multiple numbers connected. The user can enter a local alarm number for when he/she is at home or at an institution during the weekdays and another number during the weekends if the user stays with relatives. The phone figures out who to call depending on the location of the user.

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