Epi-Care 3000 monitors seizures during sleep

The seizure alarm is developed to register and alert in case of a tonic-clonic seizure. The electronics incorporated in the sensor identifies a seizure by recognising the distinctive movements. Epi-Care 3000 does not react to normal movements during sleep.

The level of sensitivity and the alarm timer of Epi-Care 3000 can be adjusted according to the user’s pattern of seizures and the specifications of the bed.

Because of its high sensitivity and reliability, the Epi-Care 3000 bed sensor is widely used both for children and adults

Epi-Care 3000 uses accurate sensor technology to recognise tonic-clonic epileptic seizures

1: Place the sensor on the bed

When the sensor is secured, and the device is connected, the alarm is ready and does not need further installation.

Epi-Care 3000 is especially suitable for children with epilepsy due to the accurate sensor technology.

2: The sensor recognises seizures

The sensor uses an algorithm to distinguish between tonic-clonic epileptic seizures and regular movements.

The alert can be send to a pager or a phone.

3: Alerts are forwarded to a caretaker

When Epi-Care 3000 registers a seizure, it will immediately send an alert to a pager. The alarm can also alert through text message or phone call.


Epi-Care 3000 uses a sensor placed on the mattress to detect epileptic seizures.

A seizure alarm for children

Epi-Care 3000 is particularly suitable for young children due to its accurate sensor technique. It can even detect vague cramps during sleep, which makes Epi-Care 3000 a safe solution for children (6 months or older).

The level of sensitivity and the alarm timer can be set up easily and accurately in the menu on the device. The device automatically remembers the selected settings when it is turned on again. The incorporated journal with time and date of the alarms makes it easier to document the development of the number of seizures over a period.

Epi-Care 3000 can be placed beside the bed, and the sensor underneath the mattress

A proven and reliable epilepsy alarm

The Epi-Care 3000 sensor needs to be secured to the mattress and connected via a cord to the Epi-Care base unit that is placed on a bedside table or near the bed.

Through an incorporated test, the device will detect possible errors connected to installation or technical errors that may occur and informs the caretaker. When turning on the device, the test is automatically conducted and will be run on a regular basis while the device remains on. The alarm has an built-in pause button that makes it easier to tuck in children without activating false alarms due to movements during sleep.

Epi-Care 3000 is the safe solution when the issue is seizures during sleep, and it has proven its value through many years of experience.

Epi-Care 3000 can communicate with a wide array of GSM-based devices

Forwarding emergency calls

Emergency calls can be sent from the user’s bedroom to parents or caretakers through a pager, a phone call or an already existing GSM-based communication system.

The pager has a reach of 50 metres (164 ft.) indoors depending on the building’s construction. It is suitable for private homes and smaller institutions. If greater flexibility is needed, Epi-Care 3000 can be delivered with a GSM-transmitter. This solution requires a SIM card, which will allow the Epi-Care 3000 GSM-transmitter to call a connected parent’s or caretaker’s phone if a seizure occurs.


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 User experience

Epi-Care 3000

Birgitte, mother, from Denmark

After receiving an Epi-Care epilepsy alarm in mid-March, Birgitte dares to let Christina go to sleep without constant supervision. Birgitte says, "I set the alarm to alert after 15 seconds. The times when I came to Christina's room, she was always awake. I did not notice any false alarms, but I was sometimes alerted early in the morning when Christina moved in bed after awaking. It gives me a really good feeling that I get woken up when Christina gets a seizure at night. A feeling of security. At the thought that Christina is having a seizure, and I can not help her, I feel very bad.”

It gives me a really good feeling that I get woken up when Christina gets a seizure at night. A feeling of security. At the thought that Christina is having a seizure, and I can not help her, I feel very bad
— Birgitte, mother, Denmark
Without the alarm, it would be much harder to spot a seizure, and an undetected seizure can have severe consequences for Tine
— Jette, carer, Denmark
After a brief briefing, the nursing staff quickly understood how to operate the equipment. The Epi-Care device was reliable and informed us in time at night when seizures occurred
— Dr. med. Joachim Hübner, doctor, Germany
We believe the system is also very useful for home care in families with epileptic patients, especially when nocturnal seizures are dominant
— Dr. med. Petr Marusic, PhD
epilepsy alarms

Tine, 24 years, from Denmark

Tine has had an epilepsy alarm from Danish Care Technology for more than two years. Social and health assistants Jette and Astrid of Tines care team are keen to see right away if she has a seizure. "It would be terrible if a resident of us would pass because we missed a seizure." The carers have chosen to set the epilepsy alarm to high sensitivity and to already raise an alarm after a few movements. "Without the alarm, it would be much harder to detect the seizures, and an undetected seizure can have severe consequences for Tine."

Technical Questions?

Our engineers are always ready to answer your questions
— Jens Jørgen Eriksen, CEO of Danish Care Technology

An epilepsy alarm can be a big decision. We would like to help you to find the alarm that is best for you and your family. We will respond within 24 hours. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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