An undetected seizure can have severe consequences - a user experience

This blog post is a review by a user, nurse, and parent that tell of their own situation and their experiences with the Epi-Care 3000 epilepsy alarm.

Tine, 24 years old, epilepsy after car accident

Tine is now 24 years old and was exposed to a serious traffic accident three years ago, resulting in severe brain damage and significant paralysis. Due to the accident Tine also suffers from epilepsy with generalized seizures and prolonged seizures. After the accident and a stay in the rehabilitation center in Hammel Tine was moved to Høskovkollegiet in Viby. The Høskovkollegiet is a housing complex for physically handicapped young people and adults. Tines epilepsy doesn’t occur often, but if it does, it can have serious consequences.

Tine has had an epilepsy alert from Danish Care Technology for more than two years. Social and health assistants Jette and Astrid of Tines care team are keen to see right away if she has a seizure.

It would be terrible if a resident of us would pass because we overlooked a seizure.
— Tine's care team

The nursing team has decided to set the epilepsy alarm to high sensitivity and to already trigger an alarm after a few movements. The epilepsy alarm sounds after 3 seconds of motion registration. "We have done this to be absolutely sure that a seizure will be detected as soon as possible. There may be times when a severe coughing causes Tine’s alarm to make a false alarm, but we would rather get too many alarms than too few. "

It is a great security for both the nursing staff and Tine's parents to know that epileptic seizures are detected when they occur suddenly. That would not necessarily be the case if no alarm were used. Because Tine, like the other residents, has its own room, an attack could take place without anyone discovering it before it's too late.

The alarm gives safety to everyone
— Jette, carer, Denmark

Jette says, "We are responsible for the care and can treat the consequences of a seizure as best we can when we receive the message of the alarm. Without the alarm, it would be much harder to detect the seizures, and an undetected seizure can have severe consequences for Tine." Tine's parents attach great importance to this help being available, and Tine's mother herself was initiating the installation of the epilepsy alarm.

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