Added security and time for other practical tasks - a user experience

This is a blog article on the user experience of Epi-Care free by Lisbeth, the caretaker of Sanne. She is working in Sølund, an institution in Denmark.

Lisbeth, caretaker, Denmark

Sanne lives in Sølund in Denmark and has frequent epileptic seizures. She uses the Epi-Care free epilepsy wristband, so her caretaker Lisbeth is always alerted when seizures occur.

She says: “It gives us the security of knowing that the phone will ring whenever she has a seizure. The alternative would be to stay with her 24 hours a day, but Sanne wouldn’t necessarily find it comfortable to have us sitting by her side all the time. Or I would have to come in and check on her all the time to make sure that she was alright or had suffered a seizure.

It gives us all added freedom as we can be with Sanne when she needs us as helpers instead of having her under constant surveillance.

It also gives the staff added time to help each other with practical tasks while Sanne holds breaks. If we didn’t have an alarm for Sanne, we would have to be by her side all the time. And that would mean a staff member would have to sit here at night, while the rest of the staff attended to other duties. I can’t imagine how we would manage without the alarm.”

The alarm range is more than sufficient for Sanne to move freely around the house. At school she has another wristband, box and phone, which she can also take home when visiting her parents on weekends.

Epi-Care free

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