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Added security and time for other practical tasks - a user experience

It also gives the staff added time to help each other with practical tasks while Sanne holds breaks. If we didn’t have an alarm for Sanne, we would have to be by her side all the time. And that would mean a staff member would have to sit here at night, while the rest of the staff attended to other duties. I can’t imagine how we would manage without the alarm

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An undetected seizure can have severe consequences - a user experience

Tine has had an epilepsy alert from Danish Care Technology for more than two years. Social and health assistants Jette and Astrid of Tines care team are keen to see right away if she has a seizure. Jette says, "We are responsible for the care and can treat the consequences of a seizure as best we can when we receive the message of the alarm. Without the alarm, it would be much harder to detect the seizures, and an undetected seizure can be fatal to Tine."

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